Here at CRS we use a number of different render systems to enable us to work to a variety of customer specifications.

Monocouche Render

Monocouche render is a modern approach for rendering as it can be applied in one single coat to provide a weather resistant façade to the elevations of a building constructed of masonry. The pre-mixed product is pigmented and available in a range of colours. It is low maintenance as does not require periodic painting of a decorative top coat like more traditional renders.

Application – the products are pre-mixed removing the frailties of site batching and only require adding of clean water, these materials are principally designed to be applied by mechanised methods. Render pumps maximise efficiency in the distribution of the mortar and speed of application (they can however also be applied by hand).

External Wall Insulation

An external wall insulation system (or EWI) is a thermally insulated, protective, decorative exterior cladding.

Application – EWI systems generally comprise firstly an insulation layer and secondly, a protected weatherproof finish (usually a render, although brick slips, tiles, and decorative boards can also be used). Insulating render can also be an advantage in certain locations.

Scraped Finish

Through coloured cementitious renders are generally finished by removing any week surface layer with a nail float producing a finished surface similar to weathered stone.

Ashlar Finish

Utilising Monocouche renders in this way allows for the creation of period architecture styles. Replicating stonework can be achieved by cutting recessed joints into the finished render with specialist tools. Vertical, horizontal and radial recesses can be formed using various cutting profiles.

Spray Roughcast

A variety of texture can be achieved by spray applying a secondary pass of material with differing size nozzles and by adjusting the speed of distribution of material to achieve an attractive decorative wall finish.

EWI with synthetic topcoat

Synthetic render top coat can be applied to a variety of insulation types effectively wrapping your home in a thermally resistant envelope.


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